Our history began more than 30 years ago, in a small town in Sardinia, Sadali, in a coffee-colored Fiat 127.

A young driver, Ennio, was driving the car travelling the length and breadth of the province in order to finish some paperworkthe relating to his small business agency.

At the end of the 1980s the amount of work increased, the family grew and Ennio decided to intensify his efforts towards the auto sector: he opened a car agency, firstly in a small office at home, later in the center of Sadali.

It had been a long journey, which had required a great waste of time and energy.

And today?

A car rental and home car wash service have recently been launched.

Of course that car had traveled lots of kms and it still does not want to stop …

Epicentro today is a young company full of ideas, which wants to continue growing thanks to the dynamism that has distinguished it durign this period.

From the very beginning, the surplus value is our “big family” in which work and human values ​​are an indissoluble and essential intertwining.

And then we press the accelerator on that small coffee-colored 127 and continue our journey, with the same enthusiasm and desire that have never abandoned us during these 30 years!

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